Introducing DigiLit Sunday

Thanks to Margaret at Reflections On the Teche for creating space to talk about digital literacy.

This week the teacher librarians were informed that our jobs would be changed in officially include more technology. Our name is changing with the word Technology Specialist being added in. There are a lot of questions to be answered. And it will take time.

The district’s vision is to have one to one devices for third grade on up. They want to move to a system with digital text books. The district wants librarians to take on a major role of support. They also need to work on the infrastructure due to the size of our district. (It’s pretty poor right now).

I welcome the change and I think having a weekly place to reflect on digital literacy will help me grow as a learner. Technology changes so rapidly, how will I keep up,with it all?


One thought on “Introducing DigiLit Sunday

  1. Oh, my, that new title sounds daunting, but I am sure you are up to the task. I hope they still let you read aloud from beautiful books. My worry with all this change to digital is we will lose the sense of what it means to hold the words in our hands. Glad you are joining our conversation. Welcome and thanks for linking up.

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