Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

It’s Saturday and time to celebrate at Ruth Ayres Writes..

The used book fair this week. I wrote about it HERE. Update to the Tuesday writing: we sold over a thousand books!
Saying good-bye to fifth graders. School doesn’t end until June 20 but yesterday was my last class with two classes as I will be gone next Friday.
I wanted to take a moment to let them know how much I love being able to teach them for six years (the ones since kindergarten). It’s such a gift to see them grow as readers.
Time to honor a retiring teacher librarian. She was reticent about the celebration. But hey, when you have taught over forty years, you should celebrate, right?
I finished The Book Thief. What an incredible book. It took me awhile to get into it but wow. The language and emotions in the book. Now on my re-read list.
I found out I will be on the library leadership team next year. With the changes coming to our job, it’s a good time to be on the team.

What are you celebrating?

3 thoughts on “Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

  1. It’s great to get books into their hands isn’t it? I love The Book Thief and have read it a few times. You might listen to it next time. The audio is amazing.

  2. Congrats for the 1000 books plus & the leadership team, Jone. Both are wonderful things to celebrate! So glad you enjoyed The Book Thief. I just watched the movie last week, so maybe it’s time to re-read it. Have a nice rest of the weekend.

  3. I liked The Book Thief and recommended it to my friend. She didn’t like it at all. I was looking forward to seeing the movie but it seems it won’t come to Estonia. Congratulations on being on the library leadership team. I hope that your voice will be heard.

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