Poetry Friday: Summer Poetry Postcard


Poetry Friday is upon us. Write Time is hosting us today. It’s her first time so here’s a big welcome. Thanks for hosting us all.

I returned from my time in Idaho to find a poetry postcard from Joy Acey.  How fun to recieve one after sending out many in April.


Here’s to dreams coming true.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.



11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Summer Poetry Postcard

  1. Hi, Jone. I have a postcard pen-pal. It’s always so much fun to find one of his cards in the mailbox. The magic feather and poem is a great idea. I’m going to make and send one to my niece and nephew.

    • Wow! Thanks everyone and Robyn thanks for the kind words.
      Mary Lee if I could figure out how to send rocks in the mail w/out costing a fortune in postage, I might try that too.

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