Poetry Friday: Distracted and a Blog Break


Poetry Friday round up is hosted at The Opposite of Indifference.  Thanks, Tabatha.


I am
cleaning the refrigerator,
cleaning out photos,
watching the constant retelling of deadly
events on the news,
watching the birds flit
here and there
listening to the click, click, click, click,
of my dog’s nails on the wood floors,
listening for peace,

My writing
awaits me
in between the calls
to the doctor,
the pre-op hospital nurse,
and friends.

I am distracted
and writing
waits like
the smooth river stone
until I return.

So you might know that I am having left rotator cuff surgery on Monday.  It’s been five and a half months of dealing with shoulder pain.  And it’s been a huge distraction for me.  I have know idea about the recovery time.  I am left handed.  I need to be patient with myself during the next few weeks.

I will be taking a blog break until the last week in August when I host Poetry Friday. And start thinking about poetry books or serving on the CYBILS poetry panels…late August we will be ramping up again.


Happy Friday
Happy Poetry.