Poetry Friday: That Time by Linda Baie

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This summer I have participated in the Summer Poetry Swap, facilitated by Tabatha Yeatts.  Such great fun and it has pushed me.  Last week I received this poem from Linda Baie.


That Time

On summer afternoons, that shimmering sunshine
send playmates hurrying,
under the lilacs, into the shade.

Young girls in cotton dresses giggle,
as one brings out a Big Chief tablet and a pencil,
reporter in charge.

Each whispers a rule.
and promises a bond,
the first of many
among little girls.

Linda Baie, 2014© all rights reserved”

*(I realized the poem wasn’t showing well after I published the post so I included it for easier reading.)

I read this poem and wondered, “How did Linda know about my childhood?”  You see, I had a really good friend, her yard looked like the photo, and we did create and make-up stories.  Often about fairy tales and fairies.


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DEADLINE?  Friday, September 5, 2014.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.


17 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: That Time by Linda Baie

  1. Happy Poetry indeed! Linda is all over the place today… love seeing her work, and yes, I can see the little girls in this poem. Thank you, Jone, as ever, for your work on CYBILS! xo

  2. Sweet poem from Linda! Thanks for sharing it today. We had the chokecherry bushes…the lilacs were on the side of the barn and just too hard to get to for girls’ club stuff.

  3. Thanks Jone, I appreciate your sharing and that we “connected” so well. Little girls made up all kinds of things to do, and outside too, didn’t they?

  4. This poem reminds me of my best friend who met me under the tree by the stone wall. How did we always find so much to do? We had none of the gadgets our kids have today, yet many of us are blessed to have wonderful memories of that time.

  5. I wonder if doing “slices” has strengthened Linda’s ability to capture a moment? You can really see that skill at work here! Love your banner, by the way.

  6. I also love your banner! Linda’s poem is absolutely perfect and reminds me of growing up in the late fifties/early sixties. Beautifully done, Linda!

  7. Yes, I was also transported to childhood, and memories of games invented and giggles shared. Such a treat to see so many of Linda’s poems on PF today!

  8. I love the detail in her poem — the Big Chief tablet, the cotton dresses. Thanks for sharing this lovely gift, Jone!! I want to know more about the banner, as it was also the card you sent. It’s gorgeous!

    • Keri,
      It was a dahlia in a friend’s yard several years ago. The card I sent you was one of the “Top 100” photos is 2007 or 2008 in a photo contest I entered. I actually prefer the banner photo.

  9. Hi, Jone (and Linda). This describes my childhood, too. Our secret hideout was underneath an overgrown forsythia bush, whose curving branches made a natural fort.

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