Celebrate: Five Things About the Week



It’s Saturday. Time to reflect on the goodness of the week at Ruth Ayres’ Writes.


I was able to drive this week. First time since my surgery!  Woohoo! So thankful that my husband has been there to take me places and to appointments but it’s also so great to be able to be independent.


GRAND GIRLS!! The oldest we get to see a lot as she lives close. But the middle and the youngest live about five hundred miles south of us. Our visits are farther apart.  



Oldest and Middle: They are about 14 months apart. We call them “The Corporation” because these cousins are like sisters and what one doesn’t think of the other does. Like the gloves? They went to the doctor’s appointment with me.


Youngest:  We had time with her alone.  Sometimes when she’s with the olders, she’s the odd person out.






The water park. This is genius to have fountains where there once was a wading pool. 


I finished reading Revolution by Deborah Wiles. I was powerfully moved by the book and wrote about it HERE.  AND the bonus?  I tweeted about it and received a reply from the author: “I *love* this review. Thanks for comparison to BrianSelznick’s work (humbled), and for mention of Ferguson. Another world, yes.”


IMG_1322The CYBILS Award season has started.  I am excited to see that poetry lovers are applying to be either a panelist or a judge.  Are you curious or interested.  Go to the CYBILS site and read about it.

What are you celebrating?


3 thoughts on “Celebrate: Five Things About the Week

  1. I am hopeful about the Cybils again, but know that there are lots enthused too, Jone. I love those fountains too. We have them so many places here, & the girls love them. (Have to bring the beach towels everywhere!) Love seeing the pics of your grand-girls-very cute. So happy for you that you get to drive now. It must feel very good! Have a good week next week!

  2. Jone, I am glad that you are up and about this week. Recovery is a long process but the healing time is needed. I met Deborah Wiles at an NCTE Convention. She read from her book “Countdown.” Marvelous! Enjoy the little ones.

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