Celebrate: Five Star Things About This Week


It’s Saturday.  Time to celebrate the week with others at Ruth Ayres Writes.


Students returned to school this week.  Everyone has the spirit and promise of a new year.  I love seeing that in not only the students but the parents and staff.


Students love reading and they want to know you are a reader.

Two comments from students (one actually a sigh)…in answer the question of “what’s your favorite part of the library?” The answer was “I’m surrounded by books.”  

The other was a sigh when I answered the question to “did you read more than ten books this summer?” I said no ( I read nine both kid and adult books). I rechecked my list after class and discovered I actually read ten books. So I plan to share my list.


Am reading Reading in the Wild by Donalynn Miller (was the PD online book for the summer which with shoulder surgery I missed). I. Love. It.  So needed this inspiration.

Als reading Countdown by Deborah Wiles. Incredible.


Meeting with three other writers through Google Chat on my writing this week.  Such a great way to connect.


Signs of fall sneaking in:



What are you celebrating?

3 thoughts on “Celebrate: Five Star Things About This Week

  1. Love that picture, Jone, and that you’re reading Donalyn’s book. It’s wonderful. I have Wiles’ Revolution, and duh, just discovered that Countdown was 1st. It may need to wait! Glad you had such wonderful reading connections at school this week. Sounds like a good start!

  2. You had a promising start to the new year. It’s great to start with enthusiastic readers. I was a bit sad to miss the cyberPD but like you I read the book independently. I love the passion Donalyn has in her words.

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