Poetry Friday: Gathering Leaves in Grade School


And thanks to Renee at No Water River for hosting Poetry Friday.

The leaves have been scuttling this week. I ran across this poem at The Poetry Foundation which reminded me of something I loved creating.

Gathering Leaves in Grade School

They were smooth ovals,
and some the shade of potatoes—
some had been moth-eaten
or spotted, the maples
were starched, and crackled
like campfire.

We put them under tracing paper
and rubbed our crayons
over them, X-raying
the spread of their bones
and black, veined catacombs.

We colored them green and brown
and orange, and
cut them out along the edges,
labeling them deciduous
or evergreen.

Read the rest of the poem HERE

Find a leaf, “x-ray” it with crayons to find its black, veined catacombs.
Happy Poetry.
Happy Friday.