Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

IMG_0626Celebrate with others at Ruth Ayres Writes.


I found out that due to my school growing a class and the school where I teach two overload classes, I get to stay at my school.  Hooray!! Although I will say that the fifth grade I taught is getting a raw deal, they wanted the regular librarian and now they will have a second itinerant teacher.  A class that depends on relationships.



This is the result of cleaning out my closet and drawers! So very much needed!  And a test for my shoulder. I had to use a step stool to bring down the clothes and I was tired BUT shoulder did great!


I worked out in the yard and attacked invasive like Rose Briar invasive. Slow going, I can’t overdo the shoulder. But it was so fabulous to be outside!


Teaching about Banned Books Week.  I love teaching this and tying it to the Bill of Rights.  I am able to share with students my own experiences with parents challenging books.  At the end, one student said “Thank you for defending Harry Potter.”


Coffee with a former student. She wants to write for children and is sharing what she’s done thus far.  I love that she’s putting her work out there in the world.  And I encouraged her to look into getting an MFA.

What are you celebrating?

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