Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


Each Saturday people take the time to reflect on the week and then share at Ruth Ayres Writes. Here I am, once again a day late.  It’s been that kind of week with school and the home front and the need to sleep commanding my attention.  I missed my Tuesday post on Deowriter for SOLSC14. I missed Poetry Friday here as well.

But as I went to Ruth’s blog today and read her post on Personal Landmarks, I read words that reassured me that I am not alone.  There are times we all struggle. This statement reminds me of my capabilities: “I’m a writer who writes –15 minutes each day on her current story.”

So now to my celebrations of the week.


Family. They are there when you need them.  We had a week that the support and love of family was critical.


The CYBILS nominations of the Poetry books.  I think we have a great selection of Children and YA books to review and select finalists for January.  As the organizer, this has been one of the time commitments this week.


A co-worker and I engaged in a banter of Picasso quotes: