Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


Time to celebrate the week. More celebrations can be found at Ruth Ayres Writes.

New books for the library. This week I picked up the order for the Washington Readers’ Choice Picture Book Award nominations, the Sasquatch book nominations, and the Young Readers’ Choice nominations. Can’t wait to have them processed and shared with readers. Plus, I picked up the book, The Book Has No Pictures

The way my Zeno poem turned out for Poetry Friday. It made me smile.

Motivation. I was motivated yesterday by a co-worker to finish a grant I started.

Making time to read. Now that school has returned and the regular television programs have returned, I want to make sure I read every night instead of vegging on mindless TV. I try not to watch new shows and honestly, none seem to be “must see tv.”

Catching up. I signed up for this fabulous online class about Laura Ingalls Wilder, her relationship with her daughter, and her writing. I have become woefully behind but this week I got a lot of reading finished.

What are you celebrating?