Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

It’s Saturday and time to reflect on the week. Thanks to Ruth Ayres Writes for a place to share our celebration.

Listening to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s The Little House in the Big Woods.. It’s been a long while since I read the books. I am reminded why I liked her books as a child. There’s so much in the simplicity of her writing that’s yet so descriptive. As I listen, I am thinking what a way for readers to learn about prairie life.


Fall Leaves.

Kindergarteners. I was explains that I hope I don't need to use my "cranky pants" voice. A kinder said, "You don't have a cranky pants voice, you are telling us how to take care of the books."

I’m celebrating commitment. Last May, I applied to the Darcy Pattison Retreat this coming January. It’s getting time to share our manuscripts with my critique group. I need to finish the polishing and remember it IS a revision retreat. It’s a bit scary to know that in two months we will gather to revise and dig deep. Plus I now have a query letter and synopsis to write as well.

Yesterday. Our school had their second annual PE/Music Dash. This year we had a Superheroes theme. And for the first time in many years we were allowed to be really festive. I went with my superheroes being spiders (Grandgirls call me Grandma Spider due to my love of spiders). No pics of my cape so instead I leave you with the following:



What are you celebrating?