Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


It’s Saturday. Time to celebrate the week at Ruth Ayres Writes. I love this ritual of each week reflecting on the good in my world.


IMG_1417.JPG Watching oldest grandgirl each week. She’s developing confidence and skills. Today she made three great serves.

The generosity of a neighboring church to donate eleven dozen muffins for our “Muffins and Moms” event at the book fair on Monday. It’s so wonderful that there’s more outreach between church’s, the police departments and other community agencies with schools. This church has given us lunch buddies, supplies, and time.

We had a two hour late start due to a little snow and freezing cold weather. This is what the kindergartners said: “Elsa did it because it was ice not snow and it’s not winter yet.” Gotta love them!

Weather! We finally had our first frost on Tuesday morning. After a horribly warm October, I am loving the cold temps of this month. Plus the sun! And the anticipation of snow Wednesday night was the best (even though there wasn’t really any where I live but it did snow during Thursday).

Writing Group. We met Monday evening. What I love is their honesty and suggestions. The bonus was having Tuesday to write.

What are you celebrating?


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  1. Love that you get those times with the grand girl, too, Jone. She looks great. And that is nice that there are liaison’s between the other organizations and the schools. Glad you love your writing group-I need some serious support! Glad it was a good week!

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