Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

Saturday is a day to reflect on all the good in past week. Read more at Ruth Ayres Writes.

Remember how I shared about the donation of muffins from a local church last week. Well, on Monday, they treated he staff to cookies and coffee when we arrived. And hand made cards thanking us for all we do for your students. It was such a great way to begin a week.


Some one had her first birthday in the double digits. We ate at this fabulous Italian restaurant.

Gathering with other teacher librarians to talk about technology. Each of our schools are getting Chrome Books on the journey toward 1:1 devices for all students. There’s so many changes a foot in our district and it’s happening so fast.

Getting poetry books for review in the mail. Being on the CYBILS means that books not available from the library arrive for some publishers. It’s so exciting receiving the books and reading them. So many good choices!


This in the library today. Fifth graders enjoying a magazine. I am working to create more reading spaces in the library.

What are you celebrating?


Poetry Friday: Congratulations, Margaret Simon


This weekend, many of my online poet friends are gathered at the annual NCTE conference. Some year, I’m going to get there to hang out with my people.

This year one of those friends is receiving the Donald H. Graves Award. What an accomplishment. So deserved.

I love reading her blog, Reflections on the Teche. It’s rich with student poems, her poems, and celebrations.

Margaret was in Washington last summer. I love the first line of this poem. Clouds do keep you guessing in this part of the country.

Deception Pass, Whidbey Island, July, 2014

The clouds always keep us guessing,
so you have to know the tides.

Deception is easy, looking only
at the horizon line. Sometimes masked as a cloud,

the snow-topped mountain in the distance
deceives us, too.

The rocky beach becomes my foot hold,
a path of colorful stones washed smooth

by the constant lapping of the water.
I close my eyes to the salty air, listen

to the hum-swish of waves crashing the shore,
hear in them the possibility of danger.

Guided by the presence of the moon,
the sea gives and takes.

In the grit on my tongue, I can taste
the unleavened bread of sacrifice.

Be still and know is all I must do.
Marvel at the wonders of rock and air and sea.

Margaret Simon, all rights reserved

Thank you, Margaret, for all that you do for students and the poetry community.
Poetry Friday is hosted by Becky at Tapestry of Wordsa.

Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry.