Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


It’s Saturday.  Time to reflect on the goodness of the week. Thank you Ruth for providing a place to share.


It’s Winter Break.  I love having this time to regroup and reflect.  Time to bake, wrap presents, and enjoy family.


Receiving the best poetry package ever from Ramona as part of the Winter Poetry Swap. She included such wonderful treasures: a sparkly folder for poem collecting and two poems; “For Christmas” which I shared with my staff and then her Nativity poem.  They will be out every Christmas.  Plus the fantastic book MANGER by Lee Bennet Hopkins. It’s perfect for the holidays. And to finish it all a snowman ornament and pad for lists.


Our simple Christmas: Our Christmas was different. For the first time in 24 years we didn’t do anything on Christmas Eve with either girl. Oldest daughter worked and an oldest grand girl was at her dad’s and Youngest daughter and girls were in southern Oregon(coming up next weekend). So husband and I almost made it to Christmas Eve service but we decided to stop by friends whose daughter died of an overdose a year ago today. She was a year older than our oldest. Our friends have been raising her son for years. (these are husbands’s friends from high school). Then we went out to eat. I then baked two batches of cookies and wrapped presents. I have to admit, I rather enjoyed this Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Day, we went to oldest daughter’s for the day. oldest grand girl tried to get us to open one present every hour. The adults didn’t like that idea much. Santa brought husband into the 21st century with a smart phone. Husband made pizza and oldest daughter had spaghetti so we had the “Christmas Feast” oldest grand girl wanted.

No drama. Letting go of perfection.  This POST explains more.


Being included in this fabulous gallery of poetry, Finding Fall.  Carol does such a wonderful job of creating art with our poems.


The CYBILS Poetry shortlist is decided BUT it will wait until January 1 for the unveiling.  Am very happy with the list.


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  1. Jone, so glad you enjoyed the poetry swap items. I LOVE my poem and the seasonal potholder makes me think of you each time I pull something out of the oven. Letting go of perfection – what an accomplishment! Enjoy another week to regroup, reflect, and rest. Can’t wait for the CYBILS poetry shortlist!!

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