Celebrate: Five Star Things About This Week

2015/01/img_0626.jpgThanks to Ruth Ayres Writes for providing a place to share all the goodness in our lives. And we need to celebrate the goodness.

Middle and youngest Grandgirls were here for last weekend. So good to see them. As you can see they love to put on shows.



Receiving these New Year postcards from everywhere. I also sent them out to the group who expressed interest in sharing.


Having lunch with the top readers for November.


Time for research in the library. Learning that sometimes we need to shift our topics if the materials aren’t available.


Selecting my One Little Word for this year: OPEN.


8 thoughts on “Celebrate: Five Star Things About This Week

  1. Your granddaughters are adorable! I loved putting on ‘shows’ as a kid too. I can’t even imagine how many times my mom and grandparents had to enjoy my ‘talents!’ Have a great weekend!

  2. Jone, some of the pictures aren’t coming through-don’t know why! I love the picture of your “drama queens”/grand girls (seeing picture no. 2). Looks as if it was a good week!

  3. My sis participates in international Christmas card sharing. It’s so cool to see the variety of cards she receives each year.

  4. Your pictures of your granddaughters remind me of my own daughter. She loved to put on shows too. The word open is just endless with possibilities. It should be an exciting year for you.

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