Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

IMG_0626 Thanks to Ruth Ayres Writes for providing a place to celebrate the goodness in the week.

I am SO thankful to see a new week. But here are five things about last week that were star quality.
Reveling in the learning that occurred at the Darcy Pattison Novel Revision Retreat, January 16-18. It was just what I needed at that this particular time.

It’s supposed to be raining and cold. However, winter is tricking us now with warm temperatures and beautiful skies. This is what greeted me as I left school last week.

This surprise gift from Johanna Wright.
image I love owls and books so I fell in love with this print when Johanna Wright first posted it on Facebook. I can’t wait to get it framed and pair it with my other print by her, a tribute to our friend, Bridget Zinn.. Johanna has a great Etsy shop and prints are reasonable.

Book talking the Sasquatch(Washington state) and the Young Readers’Choice Award reader choice nominations to fourth and fifth graders on Thursday. The public librarian comes out and we do the book talks together.

Time to work on my One Little Word 2015: OPEN. And with the week I had last week, it’s good to remember this word. I am taking a class from Ali Edwards. She provides monthly prompts and encourages keeping a notebook.

What are you celebrating?

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