Poetry Friday: Winter Poems by Fourth Grade Students



Thanks to Paul for hosting Poetry Friday at These 4 Corners.  Perhaps one of my favorite things as a teacher librarian is when students and/or their teachers bring me poetry from the classroom.  That happened this week.  These are fourth graders from Mr. Y’s classroom.  They worked on rhyming.

Looking at the snow
through the chilly window
hoping it won’t go
for I will have to mow.

Two from Alex. She loves poetry.

The sky is dark and the ground is white
the world is peaceful on the wintry night.
No one around, not a sound to be heard,
not a laugh, not a car, not even a bird.

I made myself a snowball as
perfect as could be
I thought I’d keep it as a pet
and let it sleep with me.

Cats tramping in the snow.
Sniffing, smelling the winter glow
Hard walking through winter long.
Having a snow fight better go throw.

The air makes my cheeks red.
it’s dark, I better go to bed.
I like the trees, decorations, lights
I see the children’s snowy sled.

I love the pure white snow
the kind that’s easy to blow
building a white snowman
that has a glimmering white glow.
~Noah C

I love the snow when it glows.
I don’t like when I get cold
I make a snowball and that I throw>
I make a snow angel in the snow.

The winter fog and mist you see.
In winter, you pay a fee>
The warm room, you need a key>
You’re in the snow and you say, “EEE.”

We are all wishing for snow in the Pacific Northwest.

Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry.