Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

IMG_0626Thank you Ruth Ayres for providing a place to celebrate our week. There has been much goodness in the week.


The CYBILS Awards have been announced! Head over to see the full list.  But I am so happy to announce that Voices From the March on Washington by J. Patrick Lewis and George Ella Lyon. Here’s the blurb:

Voices from the March on Washington by J. Patrick Lewis and George Ella Lyon takes the reader on a journey to August, 1963, when thousands converged on Washington in a march for civil rights. Through eloquent prose and verse poems that showcase a range of poetic forms and voices, the poets have recreated the individuals, both historical and imagined, who participated in the march and were changed by the experience.

A thoroughly engaging introduction by Lyon, a “Guide to the Voices” at the end, and all the interwoven stories in between combine to give us an authentic and accessible glimpse into the period and this important event — and offer older readers the chance to meet and imagine the widely diverse marchers, their personal backgrounds, and the private hopes that enticed them to join the march.

The immense amount of factual information contained in the poems invites further research, while the themes of civil disobedience, community protest, and racial tension serve as a mirror for current events regardless of where readers live.

The book’s timeliness–and timelessness–is summed up in this short verse, the title of which could easily be rewritten with the date 2015.

For All, 1963

If you contend the noblest end
of all is human rights, amend
the laws: The beauty of the sun
is that it shines on everyone.

Thanks to the judges:Diane MayrRenee LaTulippe, Matt Forrest, Laura Shovan, and Linda Baie.  They worked tirelessly to determine the winner from the Spectacular Seven Finalists.


Author Day at Silver Star. Author, Deb Lund, spend the day with us on Tuesday:

IMG_0050 20150210_133414


Top Readers and Author Lunch:



Having dinner with Deb Lund and other friends from my writing community.


This week I leaned on my OLW: OPEN to address a work situation.  I hate conflict and it’s very difficult for me when there is conflict but it was a situation I in which I needed to be open.

What are you celebrating?

4 thoughts on “Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

  1. Thank you for the reminder of about the Cybils. I haven’t gotten to read that poetry book, but will look for it now. Author visits are the best! I am also glad of the OLW reminder. I want to focus on my OLW a bit this week – breathe.

  2. Good for you for resolving the conflict. It always feels better to have it behind you, doesn’t it? I enjoyed our committee, Jone, and thank you for all the work you do. Your author day looks as if it’s wonderful! Have a lovely anniversary today and tonight, & best wishes for the next year!

  3. Yay for so many celebrations! I am celebrating making it through the week. It was a crazy week and I am pretty sure there were a few days that I didn’t teach a darn thing. I am also celebrating the chance to just sit and read my book!

  4. Jone, I am sure that you are feeling very satisfied now that the CYBIL Awards have been announced. I got to meet J. Patrick Lewis at NCTE 14 and he graciously offered two poems for the Winter Whisperings Gallery. I want to savor some time to read the winners’ books. Thank you for your work on this wonderful award.
    I am posting late this Valentine’s weekend but happy that it is up.

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