Celebrate: Digital Sunday Edition



Combining two meme today. Thanks Ruth Ayres and Margaret Simon for hosting these two important communities.

It’s been a busy week.Our deputy Superintendent called for a meeting with all Library Information and Technology Teachers (LITT) for Friday at 3:15 PM.  He wanted to discuss our future and role with technology in the district.  Some people complained about the timing.  After all it was early release for elementary.

Too bad some chose to miss the optional meeting.  The Dep. Superintendent delivered a presentation about the district.

First he shared this: Internet in Real Time. a new vision and the plan to go 1:1 for student devices Grades 4-12 by the fall of 2017.

The new brand for the district is “LIFT Evergreen: Linking Individuals’ Futures Today.  It is evident that the district is putting much thought into how to be a 21st century district. Do you realize that 16% of the 21st century is in the books?

Our role is changing.  It’s clear the district wants us to be coaches for technology in this new vision. They don’t want us troubleshooting but teaching.  Of course, after reading this article by Fareed Zakaria, I hope the district will remember the importance of the arts and writing.

The Dep. Superintendent and other key stake holders actually listened to our concern about  the laptops used in the library now not available because of state testing.  It’s been frustrating to teach as I am in the middle of several projects and I am lucky if I have a couple laptops for grades 3-5 to teach.  Hopefully this will change next year.  How can we be the leaders in the school and not have the tools to use in class?

The meeting ended at 5PM or shall I say I left but some still lingered.  I walked away celebrating that the next years of teaching will be exciting.

Poetry Friday: Just Around the Corner, National Poetry Month!



Hello, all Poetry Friday contributors! By this time next week, we’ll be three days into National Poetry Month. At this blog, I’ll be sharing the poetry of my students.


Over at Deowriter, I am playing with poems that have something to do with nature and have double “L’s” (like my last name). Please consider joining me.

The words:

April 1: Alluvium
April 2: Bullfrog
April 3: Chollas
April 4: Duckbill
April 5: Elliptic
April 6: Flotilla
April 7: Gazelles
April 8: Hollow
April 9: Illumine
April 10: Jellyfish
April 11: Knolls
April 12: Lollygag
April 13: Mulleins
April 14: Nigellas
April 15: Ocotilla
April 16: Pollen
April 17: Quills
April 18: Ramtilla
April 19: Shallows
April 20: Trillium
April 21: Umbrella
April 22: Vanilla
April 23: Willow
April 24: Yellow
April 25: Zorilla
April 26: Allspice
April 27: Bullrush
April 28: Calla
April 29: Diallage
April 30:  FREE “LL” CHOICE

Finally Poetry Postcards will go out in early April. You can sign up HERE.

Happy Friday! Happy Poetry!
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Digital Literacy Sunday: NCCE Reflection

20140601-203330.jpgIt’s Digital Literacy Sunday.  Margaret links all the posts HERE.

This is a meme that I want to be more regular in participating.  My job is in the midst of morphing into more digital literacy.  This is a great place to reflect on how my job is changing.

This past week I attended the Northwest Council of Computer Education conference in Portland, Oregon.  For five years, they have had a Teacher-Librarian Summit,  I have attended two.  It made my head spin.  Here’s my take-aways:

Twitter: About 90 minutes was about creating a Twitter account and using it.  Maybe it’s because I use it, I kept wondering how this would improve my day to day teaching.  I totally find it useful to find articles and such but I wanted more about the operations in the new brave world of being a Library Information Technology Teacher. (LITT).

Finding Your Voice:  Nikki D. Robertson presentation on Finding Your Voice had some meaningful things to consider. Most importantly is creating a MakerSpace for the library, a place to have kids be creative. Dang, I wish I hadn’t rid myself of all the Legos I had in the library. I can do this and I found some great post conference resources: Library Voice and All the Reasons Why.

One Note:  I plan exploring this as a way to keep my lessons in a digital binder.  Richard Snyder raved about it.

Infographics:  I need to learn how to use these with fifth graders.

Google Classroom:  Our district is exploring a LMS and Goggle Classroom is one that is being piloted.  The presentation on GC was one of the best I heard for this reason:  Technology needs to be in the background and the content is the foreground.  Technology needs to be simple to use.   Thanks to Jason for this presentation.

I think chewing on these five concepts will give me lots to consider.

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


It’s Saturday, time to celebrate at Ruth Ayres Writes.


Five days of tracking my food.  I try to be mindful of what I eat.  I want to track my food and exercise.  Tracking exercise is easy. Food? Not so much. Been I have been using “My Fitness Pal” app this week and it’s pretty painless.



This orchid which bloomed. I received the plant two years ago from a school parent.  It bloomed, blooms fell off, and it was ignored.  Two months ago I noticed the blossom shoot.  That’s pretty amazing.  I think it’s even prettier than the first time it bloomed.


Going to the Northwest Council of Computer Education conference in Portland, Oregon.  So great to be able to attend a conference and be with your peers.  It did make my head spin with possibility.


The poems that are being written by fifth graders.  The are writing “Deeper Thinking” poems in response to their classroom nonfiction unit.   My two Friday classes were quiet like mice in their work. This idea came from Michelle when she had the Ditty of the Month Challenge in January.  It was based on Joyce Sidman’s poem in Winter Trees.  they will be on postcards and shared at this blog in April.


One more spring photo:


What are you celebrating?

Poetry Friday: Giddy About This

oetry Friday is hosted  at Reading to the Core.  Thanks, Catherine.

On Saturday, I received my copy of The Poetry Anthology: Celebrations compiled by Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell.
It will be awhile before my celebration day occurs:  Super Bowl Sunday.  I surprised my self by writing this poem as I am not a football fanatic like my co-worker, the PE teacher.  She could have written this.


This page is from the student anthology.  I am so excited to be a part of this community.

Designed for librarians and teachers and there’s a student version available.  In April, during National Poetry Month,Susan Blackaby  and I will be doing a reading and poetry activity at the Barnes and Noble near my school. (While not an independent book store, as there isn’t one for kids in Vancouver, WA, this B/N does support the schools well).

Happy Poetry.

Happy Friday.

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


Thank you Ruth for offering a place to connect and share celebrations.


THIS.  I have a poem in it.

Poetry anthology


Students are writing poems for their poetry postcards.  I love this time of year when I prepare to send out post cards.

Would you like one?  The information gathered will only be used by me to send you a poetry postcard in April.

Go to this FORM.


My after-school Poetry Rocks group. They are learning poems to share at a celebration in April for National Poetry Month.


A successful Cat in the Hat night at my school on March 3 (further back than this week but it has to be mentioned). I love that families come to hear teachers read.  You never know how many there are until they come from the classrooms for cake.  This year 76 families attended.  We have a student population of almost 500.


Happy birthday, Albert Einstein.  One of my favorite people.  Love this quote by him.

images  What are you celebrating?

Poetry Friday: A Sneak Peak of Student Poetry for National Poetry Month

IMG_1077Poetry is held at Author Amok. Thanks, Laura.

This blog is entering it’s sixth year of sharing the poetry of Silver Star students during National Poetry Month.


Fourth Grade Poems

I am a megaldawn
I am bigger than the titanic, I am as wide as a school
I  am  feisty, big, and really wide                    .
45 metric tons
I am the King of the Sea

Andrew M.

I am an orange cat
I am as fast as a mouse
I run, chase, and climb
Tom the cat likes to chase mice
I am a kitten


I am a Police dog
I am as good as a firefighter
I save, I find, and I hunt people down
I save
I am a German Shepherd

~Shay S.

I am a cheetah
I am faster than any land animal
I’m fast, I hunt, and I’m not slow
I’m in danger of dying out completely
I am a fast land animal

~Timathy P.

I am a giant panda
I am as fat as  a tree stump
I munch, crunch, and munch
I eat bamboo
I am panda bear.

~Kaytlin T.

Remember there is time to sign up for a Poetry Postcard.  Fill out this FORM.  Your information will only be used to send you a postcard instead of a bill.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.