Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


I always love that Ruth Ayres Writes provides a place to share about the goodness of the week.


Letting Go.  I am letting go of my hope for a snowfall and embracing our springlike weather.  We had the warmest February in the history of weather. How can you not celebrate spring with these in the yard?

20150301_154716 20150301_154920


Time with Husband

My days are long at school.  I am tired when I get home during the week. So yesterday, it was lovely to have a day with DH and go to lunch at a little ma and pa place, drive out to Estacade, OR to a fabulous second hand store, Mikes.


Poetry Rocks: Performance Poetry is my after school activity this year.  We are planning to perform at the local Barnes and Noble in April. This will be the kick off to a five day book faire.  I hope it goes well.


Reading Shel Silverstein out loud.


Hopefully located a long lost friend.

What are you celebrating?