Poetry Friday: A Sneak Peak of Student Poetry for National Poetry Month

IMG_1077Poetry is held at Author Amok. Thanks, Laura.

This blog is entering it’s sixth year of sharing the poetry of Silver Star students during National Poetry Month.


Fourth Grade Poems

I am a megaldawn
I am bigger than the titanic, I am as wide as a school
I  am  feisty, big, and really wide                    .
45 metric tons
I am the King of the Sea

Andrew M.

I am an orange cat
I am as fast as a mouse
I run, chase, and climb
Tom the cat likes to chase mice
I am a kitten


I am a Police dog
I am as good as a firefighter
I save, I find, and I hunt people down
I save
I am a German Shepherd

~Shay S.

I am a cheetah
I am faster than any land animal
I’m fast, I hunt, and I’m not slow
I’m in danger of dying out completely
I am a fast land animal

~Timathy P.

I am a giant panda
I am as fat as  a tree stump
I munch, crunch, and munch
I eat bamboo
I am panda bear.

~Kaytlin T.

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Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.