Poetry Friday: Just Around the Corner, National Poetry Month!



Hello, all Poetry Friday contributors! By this time next week, we’ll be three days into National Poetry Month. At this blog, I’ll be sharing the poetry of my students.


Over at Deowriter, I am playing with poems that have something to do with nature and have double “L’s” (like my last name). Please consider joining me.

The words:

April 1: Alluvium
April 2: Bullfrog
April 3: Chollas
April 4: Duckbill
April 5: Elliptic
April 6: Flotilla
April 7: Gazelles
April 8: Hollow
April 9: Illumine
April 10: Jellyfish
April 11: Knolls
April 12: Lollygag
April 13: Mulleins
April 14: Nigellas
April 15: Ocotilla
April 16: Pollen
April 17: Quills
April 18: Ramtilla
April 19: Shallows
April 20: Trillium
April 21: Umbrella
April 22: Vanilla
April 23: Willow
April 24: Yellow
April 25: Zorilla
April 26: Allspice
April 27: Bullrush
April 28: Calla
April 29: Diallage
April 30:  FREE “LL” CHOICE

Finally Poetry Postcards will go out in early April. You can sign up HERE.

Happy Friday! Happy Poetry!
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