National Poetry Month: 2015 Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem


2015ProgressivePoemVisit Live Your Poem To see the poem unfold.

Welcome to National Poetry Month.  Last year, I missed out on participating in the Progressive Poem Party (much like a progressive dinner but with poetry). Irene invited me to start off this year.

I am anxious to see where it travels and how it unfolds..  A friend recently said to me, “Live without a net.”  Great line. So with that idea in mind, and the word alluvium,  here’s my opening line for 2015:

She lives without a net, walking on the alluvium  of the delta

Now Joy will add on to this line.

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16 thoughts on “National Poetry Month: 2015 Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem

  1. Oh to be brave and to not make choices out of fear! I love this “living without a net.” And wow, with “alluvium” in the first line, I’ll be looking for some elevated, perhaps challenging language in the lines to come. Who is “she” ?? I’m excited to find out. Thank you, Jone! xo

  2. I am going to let this line help guide me through this month, Jone. Thank you. Such a setting to begin our poem-of-friends. Happy Poetry Month! xo, a.

  3. I love it too, but I saw a different kind of net, and here’s a girl who fishes with her bare hands…
    Can you tell I recently read HOOT? “Alluvium” is a rich and beautiful word….

  4. Wonderful first line, Jone! I did not see that fishing girl until Heidi mentioned her, but now I want to know her story (if the poem doesn’t go in that direction, Heidi will have to write it anyway.) Thanks for bravely starting us off, Jone.

  5. That’s a fabulous start Jone. Gives us all a sense of wonder, bravery and alluvium.

  6. Jone, this line sounds like the opening to a novel and so the poem progresses onward. I will watch with great enthusiasm for the art of collaborative writing.

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