National Poetry Month Featuring Student Work


Great new NPM button found at Jama’s Alphabet Soup.

Each year I like to feature the work of my students at Silver Star Elementary.  Some of you might find a poetry postcard in your mailbox this month.

To begin, these are third grade students.  The assignment was to research an animal in order to create an animal poem for the poetry project.  I discovered Pic Monkey and am having lots of fun with it.

basking fish

hannah p


3 thoughts on “National Poetry Month Featuring Student Work

  1. Hello, Third Grade Poets of Silver Stars E.S. This artwork and wordwork sampling of your many talented poets is fun to read. The details in each poem paint a word picture that is easy to see and the drawings are memorable pictures. Brava! and also Bravo! to everyone.

  2. I am waiting for my postcard. After spring break we will work on a poetry gift for you. Love these images and their clever poems.

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