Poetry Friday: The Spoken Word

IMG_1077Poetry Friday is being held today with Ellen at Space City Scribes.

I have a special spoken word poem today by a former student, Marion. They have enlightened me so much about the world of transgender and transgender-fluid over the past few months.

As a teacher librarian, I see my responsibility to make sure the library is a space where all feel welcomed and can find books in which they see themselves.  This is not an easy task for this community. For one thing, I when I have suggested purchasing K5 appropriate books for the collection, there has been some eye rolling.  There’s not much of a selection at this age. And I plan to get a couple of the ones I have previewed.

And thanks to Marion, I realized the the YA community could do better in representing this growing community.

I hope you’ll take a moment to view and hear Marion’s words.

Dear Authors – {spoken word poem about LGBTQA+ representation}

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.