Poetry Friday Late Edition: “Jabberwocky” Performed by Poetry Rocks


Thank you Jama for hosting Poetry Friday.

Thursday was our school’s annual talent show.  It’s been so fun as both students and teachers get involved.   It was the perfect opportunity to have my Poetry Rocks group perform “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll.  While it was fun to perform at Barns and Noble in April, I missed having the students perform for their peers.

Next time, I will use my mini-Ipad instead of my phone.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Friday Late Edition: “Jabberwocky” Performed by Poetry Rocks

  1. Hi Jone,
    I loved seeing your kids recite Jabberwocky!! Congratulations for Poetry Rocks!! This Thursday is a kind of dream come true for me. One of my colleagues has adopted my poetry on parade program and adapted it, too. The show is a surprise for me and I cannot wait!!! I hope to video it!
    Jabberwocky is a crowd favorite!

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