Poetry Friday: Two Poems for Jone

IMG_1077Mary Lee at A Year of Reading is hosting Poetry Friday today. And that’s even while she’s away at a conference

If you have read any of my recent posts, you know this has been a stressful spring.  So on Tuesday, I received this in the mail.  It was exactly what I needed:  the first of several summer poems for the summer poetry swap.  Thank you Irene.

Irene Poem

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Two Poems for Jone

  1. Wonderful, Jone! Poetry’s like that, isn’t it? It has a habit of coming to the rescue. 🙂 It also makes me happy to see that Nikki Grimes’ wordplay exercise seems to be making the rounds just like Pat Lewis’ zeno form and Joyce Sidman’s Deeper Wisdom poems.

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