Poetry Friday: The First Week of School and CYBILS Plea


Thank you Linda at TeacherDance for hosting today.


Can you believe the CYBILS is celebrating ten years?
Please consider being on the panel for either round one or two.
It’s so much fun to read nominated poetry books and talk poetry. Deadline is September 9, 2015.


It’s the first week of my 42nd year of teaching.  What better way to celebrate than this poem from The Poetry Friday: Celebrations book.


We have had a great time talking about the first day and week.  The students like the repeating the line “The Very First Day of School”.

Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry.


9 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The First Week of School and CYBILS Plea

  1. Jone, 42 years-Wow! Thanks for the fun choral poem that you shared. I’m going to have to take a pass on the Cybil’s panel because I am so unsure of how long I can last without surgery. Sorry.

  2. Jone, love your excitement even after 42 years! Those hyphenated words in the poem carry such excitement. Your enthusiasm for the CYBILS is contagious!

  3. Jone, you are AMAZING! What a treasure trove of insight you have to share with your students and new teachers! Have a wonderful year!

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