Poetry Friday: Honoring 9/11

IMG_1077Robyn Hood Black is hosting Poetry Friday at Life at the Deckle Edge.  She’s remembering 9/11, a day that changed our lives forever.  Plus she’s featuring a poem from a fifth grader.

It set the tone for me and I remembered that a couple other students wrote poems about this topic. I remember getting ready for school and watching the Today show.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I have cousins living in New Jersey working in NYC.  Were they all okay?  (and they were thankfully)

The first, is a repost from Braxton B.  And the second is from Ayana.  Both of these students are now in sixth grade.



Remembering those whose lives were forever changed by the assault on our soil.   Prayers of continued healing and peace today.


5 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Honoring 9/11

  1. Thanks to you and these students for paying tribute, Jone. We happened to be in NY, about an hour north of NYC, visiting my folks at the time. Their neighbor was a firefighter. Their friend lost their son. I went in to the city a week or two after to visit one of my friends in the area. I remember the smell.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Jone. However sad I’m glad that students know about that day. I drove to school & heard about the first plane, thought it was some stupid person &didn’t say anything to anyone, thinking I was just sharing bad news, then my students (middle school ages) came running in shouting to turn on the radio, & that’s all we did amidst talk and some tears, listen. What a time. We also are near an air force base & those were the planes flying over, no others, eerie, different.

  3. So honored to share the other 9-11 poem I received as a postcard this week, and I appreciate these too. Many thanks to the students for their thoughtful words and art, and to you for facilitating this project and being a guest on my blog for this remembrance.

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