Poetry Friday: Constitution Day, Citizenship Day Plus an Announcement


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So yesterday was Constitution Day.  Fun Fact:  It’s the day in 1787 when the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met to sign our constitution. It’s also know as Citizenship Day.

We are required to teach about the Constitution and citizenship and what better way than to share this poem by Georgia Heard.  It’s from The Poetry Friday anthology: Celebrations through Pomelo Books.

A Dream Come True
by Georgia Heard

I covered my hear with my hand,
Sang “America the Beautiful,” From sea to shining sea...
To celebrate my mom, my dad, my brother and me,
Becoming citizens of this great land.

I covered my heart with my hand,
Tears filled my eyes with pride and glory.
A dream come true, a brand new story,
Becoming citizens of this great land.

I know several people who have recently become US citizens and they are so proud.

Drum Roll….Here’s the 2015 CYBILS Poetry Judges:


Round 1
Nancy Bo Flood
The Pirate Tree
Irene Latham
Jone Rush MacCulloch
Margaret Simon
Tricia Stohr-Hunt
Carol Wilcox
Sylvia Vardell
Round 2
Linda Baie
Rosemary Marotta
Diane Mayr
Heidi Mordhorst
Laura Shovan
Happy Friday
Happy Poetry.

9 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Constitution Day, Citizenship Day Plus an Announcement

  1. Thanks for this great post, Jone! And YES, Georgia Heard did a great job with her Citizenship Day poem. We’re so lucky to have poems by you, Jeannine Atkins, Georgia, and 112 additional poets in The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations!

  2. Lovely poem. I posted a list of books for Constitution day but didn’t think to include poetry. How could I have forgotten?!

    Can’t wait to talk poetry in the coming months.

  3. Very special, Jone. My school hosted a citizenship ceremony for a group one year on this day. It was such a wonderful thing to see. Looking forward to working on the panel again! Thank you!

  4. I wonder if those of us born in the US ever really have a good understanding of what it means to BECOME an American citizen. When I became a (dual) Australian citizen, I was surprised at how strongly it affected me.

    Also, congrats on a terrific CYBILS panel! Expect an application from me next year. 🙂

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