Celebrate: Sharing Student Work


It’s Saturday and time to celebrate.  Thanks to Ruth Ayres Writes for providing a place to celebrate.

This week I am celebrating the touching poems for Veteran’s Day. These were written in respnse to a request from Applebee’s to provide cards for veteran’s on Veteran’s Day.  There are so many good ones that I’m featuring a few until Veteran’s Day.

Veterans are important to us
Especially because the fight for us every day
Thank all veterans because they risk their lives
Even though the do not know us the still fight
Raise all heads to veterans and thank them
And honor them they are special
No one else can fight for us like they do
So thank all veterans

Do not turn your back to them
Always honor and thank them
You are special to us veterans so we say thank you!
~Karmela, 5th grade

A veteran is someone who fights
A veteran is sweet and strong
A veteran is someone who is caring for our country   
A veteran is daring  
A veteran is  someone who fights  our country and our right   
A veteran is loving

Thank you for your bravery  

~Taegan, 4th grade

A veteran is someone who cares about us
A veteran is brave
A veteran is someone who fights for are country
A veteran is loving
A veteran is  someone who is trustworthy
A veteran is caring  

Thank you for your trust, service, and love

~Nathan,  4th grade

A veteran is someone who protects the right of our country
A veteran is the one who is keeping you safe from enemies
A veteran is someone who fought for other people so thank you
A veteran is a person that is brave
A veteran is  someone who is mighty strong and powerful
A veteran is who is brave and fights with their heart and might.

Thank you for your support and bravery

~Michelle, 5th grade


Poetry Friday: Sharing Student Work


Thank you for coming to my place today. I have been graced with much needed reminders of beauty and positive vibes like this on the way to work:


Today I am jumping the gun on Veteran’s Day as my students have been creating cards through poetry to give to veteran’s who will dine at Applebee’s on November 11.  As always I am deeply moved by what students write.  I shared a students work with her dad; he couldn’t believe what she wrote and asked for a copy. In addition some students will be sharing at the Veteran’s Day assembly.

A veteran is someone who loves
A veteran is cares
A veteran is someone who stands tall
A veteran is a warrior
A veteran is  someone who is kind
A veteran is as strong as a bear
Thank you for your loyalty
~Mellisa, 4th grade
A veteran is someone who is a hero of war
A veteran is a person that fights for are country
A veteran is someone who is a hero
A veteran is a hero of our country
A veteran is  someone who is a brave and careful person
A veteran is a person that loves his family

Thank you for your help to our country and land of the free

~Braylen, 4th grade

Veterans are heroes
Exstatic about helping our country
Trained to their limit
Extraordinary people
Roving through battlefields unsure of tomorrow
Amazing things done by amazing humans
No limit of bravery
Sustained to fight for liberty and justice

Declaration of independence is safe for another day
All of this because of you
You are a real hero

~Willow, 5th grade

I am posting more each day between today and Veteran’s Day.

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Poetry Friday: Anticipation

Our Poetry Friday host is  Jama today. She’s sure to have quite the poetry feast.

“I write poems because I need art in order to seek full expression.”~ Peter Sears, Oregon Poet Laureate

I am full of anticipation as I get to go to a poetry workshop with Peter Sears this weekend. So long overdue and  much needed.  

Saturday begins  at breakfast with a writing friend who’s also attending the workshop. The workshop states we’ll leave with quite a start on many poems.  

Here’s a glimpse of one of Peter Sears’ poems:

I Hum to My Shivering

I am walking along the road at night,

shivering. Humming to my shivering.

I walk into a spider web in a doorway
— that’s what it feels like. I wave

my hand across my face. Snow!

I’ve caught it just as it starts.
It smells good. Maybe things will

be okay. I worried all day. I couldn’t

keep anything down. Look,
the snow seems to part as if

opening up a passageway.

Is that how it feels going over
to the other side? When I go,
maybe I’ll dissolve like one of 

these snowflakes. I look up into
so many against the night. Flakes

land in my palm one at a time.

I feel like a happy god.


In other news, am thrilled about how an impromptu poetry lesson to s turning out for a Veteran’s Day project. Will share soon.

Happy Friday. 

Happy Poetry.

Poetry Friday: Late Edition


Poetry Friday is hosted by The Poem Farm.

I am thrilled to share that over forty poetry books were nominated for the CYBILS Poetry Award.

I’ve  been working on Haiku today for the monthly Haiku challenge. The kids word: scarecrow.  These are ones I didn’t use:

in the garden
the wedding dress flutters

in the garden
the wedding dress flutters

After the voting takes place and results are posted, I  will share the one I submitted.
Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry.

Poetry Friday: Fourth Grade Haiku


Welcome to Poetry Friday. You host today is at Laura Purdie Salas’ Writing the World for Kids.

So one thing that makes me happy to be a teacher is when a classroom teacher shares a student poem.
This is a student new to our school.

if I live I die
can it be god calling us
can leaves share future

You have until October 15 to nominate a poetry book for the CYBILS  award.

Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry.

Poetry Friday: Time to Nominate


Thanks goes to Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe for hosting Poetry Friday this week.

It’s time to nominate your favorite poetry book of 2015 for the CYBILS. And this yer we will take novels inverse.

Books need to be published between October 16, 2014- October 15, 2015.

Need some ideas? Go read Sylvia Vardell’s post for a “Sneak Peak.”

This is a fly by post as I am in California this weekend. 

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.