Poetry Friday: Anticipation

Our Poetry Friday host is  Jama today. She’s sure to have quite the poetry feast.

“I write poems because I need art in order to seek full expression.”~ Peter Sears, Oregon Poet Laureate

I am full of anticipation as I get to go to a poetry workshop with Peter Sears this weekend. So long overdue and  much needed.  

Saturday begins  at breakfast with a writing friend who’s also attending the workshop. The workshop states we’ll leave with quite a start on many poems.  

Here’s a glimpse of one of Peter Sears’ poems:

I Hum to My Shivering

I am walking along the road at night,

shivering. Humming to my shivering.

I walk into a spider web in a doorway
— that’s what it feels like. I wave

my hand across my face. Snow!

I’ve caught it just as it starts.
It smells good. Maybe things will

be okay. I worried all day. I couldn’t

keep anything down. Look,
the snow seems to part as if

opening up a passageway.

Is that how it feels going over
to the other side? When I go,
maybe I’ll dissolve like one of 

these snowflakes. I look up into
so many against the night. Flakes

land in my palm one at a time.

I feel like a happy god.


In other news, am thrilled about how an impromptu poetry lesson to s turning out for a Veteran’s Day project. Will share soon.

Happy Friday. 

Happy Poetry.