Poetry Friday: Sharing Student Work


Thank you for coming to my place today. I have been graced with much needed reminders of beauty and positive vibes like this on the way to work:


Today I am jumping the gun on Veteran’s Day as my students have been creating cards through poetry to give to veteran’s who will dine at Applebee’s on November 11.  As always I am deeply moved by what students write.  I shared a students work with her dad; he couldn’t believe what she wrote and asked for a copy. In addition some students will be sharing at the Veteran’s Day assembly.

A veteran is someone who loves
A veteran is cares
A veteran is someone who stands tall
A veteran is a warrior
A veteran is  someone who is kind
A veteran is as strong as a bear
Thank you for your loyalty
~Mellisa, 4th grade
A veteran is someone who is a hero of war
A veteran is a person that fights for are country
A veteran is someone who is a hero
A veteran is a hero of our country
A veteran is  someone who is a brave and careful person
A veteran is a person that loves his family

Thank you for your help to our country and land of the free

~Braylen, 4th grade

Veterans are heroes
Exstatic about helping our country
Trained to their limit
Extraordinary people
Roving through battlefields unsure of tomorrow
Amazing things done by amazing humans
No limit of bravery
Sustained to fight for liberty and justice

Declaration of independence is safe for another day
All of this because of you
You are a real hero

~Willow, 5th grade

I am posting more each day between today and Veteran’s Day.

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