Poetry Friday: Ones that Got Away


Tara at A Teaching Life is hosting Poetry Friday. Thank you, Tara.


Well, Round Two judges are at work determining which of the stellar seven  finalists will win the CYBILS Award for Poetry.  There were many deserving nominations this year.  The inclusion of verse novels has added a new dimension to the category.

Here are three other nominations that were among my top picks but alas we could only select seven.

AUDACITY by Melanie Crowder:  This is loosely based on the life of Clara Lemlich Shavelson, leader of the 1909 shirtwaist strike. Travel back to New York City in the early 1900’s. The city has many sweatshops where young girls like Clara find work. Clara is a Russian Jew whose family has fled discrimination in Russia.

Clara discovers that opportunities are limited for women. She is determined to change working conditions and become educated.  A powerful historical story based on interviews of family and research. The poetry is lyrical and moving.

i’ll admit historical fiction is among my favorite genres so AUDACITY made my shortlist.

RANDOM BODY PARTS: GROSS ANATOMY RIDDLES IN VERSE by Leslie Bulion is a fun collection of poems About our body. I’m thinking it would fit with our third grade body system perfectly.

The illustrations by Mike Lowery have magnified photos of the organs and are presented in a collage format.

There’s a diagram of the human body with info about the different poetry forms.

This is a book filled with plenty of kid appeal.

AMAZING PLACES by Lee Bennett Hopkins. When Hopkins puts together an anthology of poems, you know it will have outstanding poets such as Nikki Grimes, Janet Wong, and Joseph Bruchac. From Denali National Park to Oneida Nations Museum throughout the United States are highlighted. The illustrations are gorgeous. I can see readers of any age pouring over these poems.

I wish all the shortlisted books could be finalists but alas only seven can go forward. The nominations this year were deep. Until the CYBILS are announce on February 14, enjoy these three books.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.





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