Poetry Friday: It’s That Time of Year

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Students began writing poems this week in preparation for National Poetry Month.  What I love most is integrating what students are learning in the classroom.  Third graders are researching animals.  Fifth graders are writing a variety of poems.  Here’s a sneak peak:

mysterious killer whale
I am as ferocious as a tiger shark
I hunt in a group.
I take down whales bigger than me.
I live up to 30 to 50 years
I’m a ferocious orcinus orca.

Luke M., 3rd grade


Scared is white like the ghost you just saw.
It sounds like people screaming like the ones around you.
It tastes bitter like the burnt popcorn you’re eating whale watching that horror movie.
It smells like the thick fog in the graveyard that you’re walking in.
It looks like five faceless ghosts surrounding you… like they are right now!
It makes me feel powerless… like you are now.

Morgan S., 5th grade

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Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.




5 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: It’s That Time of Year

  1. What a generous gift your students are preparing to share! Thank you so much for offering an opportunity to receive one of their illustrated poetry postcards. How can we reimburse for the cost of the postcards? Is it possible to request more than one postcard to share with others, or may we submit a few names and addresses? Every blessing! Thank you for inspiring and facilitating such a creatively and humanely wonderful project. Poem in Your Pocket Day is one of my favorite days of the year; your postcards will make it more special for me this year

  2. Fabulous poems! I think Morgan captured Scared perfectly in this line, “It tastes bitter like the burnt popcorn you’re eating whale watching that horror movie.” Wow!

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