Poetry Friday: Celebrating Ten Years of Blogging


Welcome to Poetry Friday, it’s being held at Teacher Dance.

Day 29 of  the Found Objects Poetry Challenge was this photo from Diane Mayr.  It’s festive and I’m celebrating.


ten year
rockin’ it

I remember a new idea, blogging, was circulating on the Internet.  Another librarian helped me with my first blog that launched the end of February 2006.

The focus of my blog was on life in the library.  It was like having a website and having it be more manageable. 

 Soon I discovered writing communities with prompts and others sharing poetry.  By October, I had a new blog, Deowriter, for more of  writing outside of school.

What I love most about blogging is the sense of a global community.  I think of all the people I have connected with because of my blogs. 

This blog has provided a space for students to share their work which makes writing not just to finish an assignment but a for the real world. 

Being connected to the Poetry Friday community and the CYBILS are things I value.  They remind me of the goodness in the world on those dreary days.


In 27 days it will be NATIONAL POETRY MONTH. Do you want a poetry postcard?  Sign up HERE.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.