National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 1/30


Today Poetry Friday is hosted by Amy at The Poem Farm.  This begins a month-long celebration of student work from Silver Star Elementary School.

April 1

This is one of the postcards ready to mail.  Here are more fifth grade poems:

Frightened is Black And White
It sounds like whispers and moving Shadows
It tastes like Burning and plain
It smells like Acid and Smoke
It looks like Red And Black Eyes Staring at you
It feels like someone’s watching you

Tyler A.
5th grade

It’s as cold as ice.
On a cold whimsical night.
the moon was so clear.
It’s white in the night

Leovardo R.
5th grade

Hot,dry, playing, swimming, relaxing,
Beach, kids, water, ice cream,
Dying, browning, decaying, wet,
and the sun blazing!

Lotus B.
5th grade

Beautiful, amazing
Running, Jumping, Galloping, swimming
Sad, Happy, Mad, upset

Michelle L.
5th grade

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry