National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 3/30



Third graders research animals with World Book online.  Then they write poems, including facts about the animal.


I am as mad as a shark.
I hunt alone.
I kill my own other cobras.
I eat frogs, lizards, snakes, small mammals.
I am fierce.
ophiophagus hannah.

Eric A.
3rd grade


Fantastic python
I am a python as slithery as a worm.
Sliding, biting, choking are ways that I hunt.
I dislocate my jaw to swallow my food whole.
Sneaky python molurus.

Milina W.
3rd grade


Fantastic Tasmanian devil.
I’m as fierce as a lion.
I run, jump and dig to get away.
I can have 2 – 4 newborns at a time.
I live in dark forests, grasslands and coastal areas.
I eat reptiles, birds, mammals and other animal remains.

Jaedyn H.
3rd grade


I am a scorpion
I walk on the hot ground
as I travel alone in day and night.
I sting my prey while eating.
I am a scorpion
I can get a human sick.

Ryan C.
3rd grade