National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 8/30


Today Poetry Friday is hosted by Laura at Writing the World for Kids.

Today’s poems are the result of studying the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


Brave, bad Charbonneau
I am strong as a bear
Shooting, firing and yelling at the bear
Charbonneau is Sacagawea’s husband
Courageous, strong, mean

Theodore F.
4th grade


Clark, Strong, Confident, Clever
Jumping, Clever, Leaping, Smart
Jumping, Running Clark
Confident Clark

Alan S.
4th grade


Clever, courageous Clark.
I am as fast as a cougar.
I ran, shot, and paddled away from shore.
Clark makes maps and follows currents, loves Sacagawea.
Sneaky, wealthy, hero.

Mackenzie H.
4th grade


Clever, courageous Clark
I am strong as a grizzly bear
I jump, run from grizzly bears
I am William Clark and I make maps
Curious Captain Clark

Ethan K.
4th grade
Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.