National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 10/30



delicious dessert
excitement, appetizing, fluffy
rising batter inside oven

Melissa D.
5th grade


active, energetic
running, throwing, diving
fun, catching and running

Casey L.
5th grade


fresh, new
budding, growing, greening
blossoms, seeding, fruit, compost
decaying, browning, dying
old, worn

Jacob S.
5th grade


My favorite sport
My favorite thing to do
Baseball is active
Baseball is amazing
Baseball is fun
Baseball has injuries                         
look at foot  

Wyatt S.
5th grade

One thought on “National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 10/30

  1. Curious to know how you got the kids to write such high quality poems this year, Jone. (Though I didn’t see the past ones, except I think one I got for a postcard.) My point is I am impressed and love this one about the fox so much. The other colorful ones I have seen and commented on are also quite perceptive and nicely done. Anyhow, just curious how you are accomplishing this with your kiddos!!
    Cheers and Happy Poetry Month!
    Can’t wait to see your PP 2016contribution.

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