National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 12/30



Oops….I hit publish instead schedule…enjoy this preview.  More later.

I am a tough bottlenose dolphin.
I am as warm-blooded as a human.
I work in a group to catch prey.
Tough Tursiops Truncatus.

3rd grade


I am a blue jay
I live in forests
In America
I sample bird eggs
My parents will
Work together
To defend
The nest

Andrew D.
3rd grade

I am a colorful toucan.
I am as thin as a rabbit.
I fly in the sky.
I travel in groups called flocks
I am mostly hollow.

3rd grade


2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 12/30

  1. These are wonderful! Working in facts, but sharing them in this poetic, semi-structured form brings focus to them. Love where they used comparisons and great, strong word choices, too!

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