National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 17/30


Beautiful strong  Sacagawea
I’m  as strong as a bear.
I run, jump, and hunt
Sacagawea is a Shoshone woman
strong talented Sacagawea

Niah C.
4th Grade 


Strong,fast Seaman
I am quiet as a sneaky fox sneaky,
Fast leap into water to scare beaver
I’m sneaky.
Sneaky and fast

Stefan K.
4th grade


Cool, calm, Clark
I am as brave as a bear.
Trading, welcoming, and making peace
with Indians.
Lewis friend, captain in Army, and captain in expedition.
Cool, captain, Clark.
Nathan O.
4th Grade

Strong and Courageous Seaman
I am as strong as a bear
Strong, brave adventurous
Seaman hunts for food for Lewis and Clark
Courageous Seaman

Taegan S.
4th grade

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 16/30


Fifth Grade Poetry



Boredom is purple
It sounds like ughhh
it tastes like expired milk
and smells like a wet dog
boredom looks like a no faced person
it makes you feel like a person with no life.

Adelina  S.
5th Grade


playful, cute, fluffy
restless, biting, barking
They are sometimes lazy creatures

Abby A.
5th grade


There is a dog in me
with a ball in my mouth
like slobber in my face, and catching frisbees ,
it sounds like a loud deep chicken,
It moves like a cheetah,
it lives in a house,
but also lives in my heart too.
plays in the backyard mostly.
It makes me want to play in the backyard too.

Keith H.
5th grade

My face is like the sun
My legs are like cheetahs
My heart hold anger
that is red as blood
I live in a house
and eat sandwiches

Jace M.
5th Grade



National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 15/30


Poetry Friday is hosted by Michelle at Today’s Little Ditty.  I am SO late with this post.  Hate being late.  But I am here now.



Big, soft lion.
I am as sneaky  as a hunting cheetah.
I pouncing,running and jumping that is how I move.
A group  of lions is called a pride.
Cool panthera leo.

Ruth M.
3rd grade


Sneaky fox
I am as fuzzy as a sock
I sneak, pounce,  eat
Name of young: pup
Vulpe vulpe

Emily B
3rd grade


I am as ferocious as a tiger
I swim,hunt and kill.
They are the most foroshes sea animal in the ocean.
Ferocious pliosaur.

Ethan V
3rd Grade


Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.