National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 17/30


Beautiful strong  Sacagawea
I’m  as strong as a bear.
I run, jump, and hunt
Sacagawea is a Shoshone woman
strong talented Sacagawea

Niah C.
4th Grade 


Strong,fast Seaman
I am quiet as a sneaky fox sneaky,
Fast leap into water to scare beaver
I’m sneaky.
Sneaky and fast

Stefan K.
4th grade


Cool, calm, Clark
I am as brave as a bear.
Trading, welcoming, and making peace
with Indians.
Lewis friend, captain in Army, and captain in expedition.
Cool, captain, Clark.
Nathan O.
4th Grade

Strong and Courageous Seaman
I am as strong as a bear
Strong, brave adventurous
Seaman hunts for food for Lewis and Clark
Courageous Seaman

Taegan S.
4th grade