National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 19/30




Joy is a happy yellow
Joy sounds like laughter
Joy tastes like cotton candy
Joy looks like bright sunflowers
Joy feels like soft marshmallows  
Jennifer M.
5th Grade


If I were a cheetah
I’d roar
I’d creep, run like slow, fast
I’d be the fastest land animal and
best killer and
best runner.

Tim P.
5th Grade


If I Were

If I were a lizard
I’d screech
I’d crawl, hop, creep, etc like a snake
I’d hop slither creep like a snake and
stay away from predators and
always love my animal family.

Lotus  B.
5th grade


National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 18/30




I am a cute little swimmer.
I can be as cute as anything.
I am as cute as you think it is.
They are good at doing tricks.
They are great swimmers.

Jack V.
3rd grade

Fierce   fossa
I am as fierce as a wolf
I run fast like a cheetah
The quick acrobatic fossa is able to chase lemurs through the trees
Fast cryptoprocta ferox.          .  

3rd grade

Silly scorpion                                                                                                                                                       I am as steady as a sparrow                                                                                                                             I sting, leap, and crawl
I am cold blooded
slinky Centruroides vittatus~

Lilly G.
3rd grade

I am as fast as a three pawed dog.
I am a very fast dog.
Dogs were the first animal to be pet.
Canis Lupus Familiaris.

Julia K.
3rd grade