National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 22/30

IMG_1077Poetry Friday is hosted by Jama at Jama’s Alphabet Soup.


Frightened is Black And White
It sounds like whispers and moving Shadows
It tastes like Burning and plain
It smells like Acid and Smoke
It looks like Red And Black Eyes Staring at you
It feels like someone’s watching you

Tyler A.
5th Grade

Jealousy is Periwinkle
It sounds like screaming
It tastes like sour lemons
It smells like bitter dog spray
It looks like people starting drama
It makes me feel like screaming into my pillow

Kaeley G.
5th Grade


It’s Cold as ice.
On a cold whimsical night.
the moon was so clear.
It’s white in the night

Leovardo R.
5th Grade


An evil army
of evil gingerbread men
trudging through the snow

Nathan N.
5th Grade



National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 21/30



Swimming Axolotl
Swimming and colorful as a underwater parrot
I am swimming hunting trying to find food
Axolotls can never leave the water and also can’t lose their gills
Ambystoma mexicanum !

Jason M.
3rd Grade



killer whale
stubborn old man.
fast, groovy, cool, awesome,
killer whales are the biggest dolphins

Aubyn B.
3rd grade


dark death adder
I am as dark as Darth Vader
I slither, gobble, eat
A death adder uses its tail as bait
Vipera  buras

Caiden K.
3rd Grade



National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 20/30





I am as brave as a bear.
I am as quick, bold, and fearless as a cheetah.
Seaman can catch hundreds of beavers in the water.
Seaman is a wonderful dog to have.

4th grade


Sweet, strong, Sacagawea.
I Run, Paddle, and Hunt.
Sacagawea gave birth
in February during
the Expedition.
Sneaky,Smart, Sacagawea

Ariel C..
4th Grade



I am an explorer the only woman
that’s been a slave
To my partners I seem very brave
but to me I am scared
Know I share knowledge with these nice American men
once the other tribes see me
they’ll give you a free hen.

Nick C.
4th grade


Lewis’s dog Seaman
I am as fast as a cheetah
I dive and swim in the water catching fish
Seaman is lewis fast companion
He’s fast and brave
Mellisa R.
4th Grade