National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 20/30





I am as brave as a bear.
I am as quick, bold, and fearless as a cheetah.
Seaman can catch hundreds of beavers in the water.
Seaman is a wonderful dog to have.

4th grade


Sweet, strong, Sacagawea.
I Run, Paddle, and Hunt.
Sacagawea gave birth
in February during
the Expedition.
Sneaky,Smart, Sacagawea

Ariel C..
4th Grade



I am an explorer the only woman
that’s been a slave
To my partners I seem very brave
but to me I am scared
Know I share knowledge with these nice American men
once the other tribes see me
they’ll give you a free hen.

Nick C.
4th grade


Lewis’s dog Seaman
I am as fast as a cheetah
I dive and swim in the water catching fish
Seaman is lewis fast companion
He’s fast and brave
Mellisa R.
4th Grade