National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 23/30



Strong steady seaman
I am as black as a bear and the night.
I leap and  Jump and run
Run fast Like the night
K9 seaman

Cor’dai  W.
4th Grade


Strong, Stable, Seaman
I am a brave as a bear
I run jump and leap
Seaman was hurt by a beaver
Strong, stable,Seaman

Ava R.
4th Grade

Beautiful strong  Sacagawea
I’m  as strong as a bear.
I run, jump, and hunt
Sacagawea is a Shoshone women
strong talented Sacagawea

Niah C.
4th Grade


SEAMEN the dog

I am a dog fast as a cheetah
I swim I run I catch beavers to eat
I run as fast as a cheetah to help hunt for food
SEAMEN helps hunt beavers.

Keerstin D.
4th Grade