National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 29/30


Poetry Friday is held at Buffy’s Blog today.  Thank you, Buffy.


We’re coming to a close with celebrating student work.  What I love about all these poets is the range of development.  Many were accepted into the Young Americans Poetry Digest.

I have an idea for next year to teach poetry earlier in the year as a way to teach formatting with either Google Docs or Word.

My skin is like cinnamon
My eyes are like chocolate
My nails are Valentine’s colors
My heart holds weirdness
That is black as space
I live in a house and eat white chocolate

Juanita M
5th grade

Mothers Are Your best friend
Mothers sound like a caring loving mom
Mothers taste like chocolate hart
Mothers smell like fresh flowers
Mothers look like the prettiest person you will meet
Mothers feel like a soft fluffy blanket

Kaytlin T.
5th Grade

Happy Friday
Happy Poetry


National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 28/30



Fast Faithful Seaman
I am as sneaky as a fox.
Speeding, jumping, growling
frightening of the predators.
I am a brave creature.|
terrifying tall terrier.

Chase D.
4th Grade


 I am as strong as grizzly bear as a big fat wolf.
I dive, jump, splash and scare the beavers
Sacagawea had her baby
Seaman scare the beavers in the way fast and brave like Sacagawea                

Valeria C.
4th grade


I am as Brave As a cheetah
I traveled with Lewis and Clark
Sacagawea had a baby on the way

Paulina L.
4th Grade