National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 29/30


Poetry Friday is held at Buffy’s Blog today.  Thank you, Buffy.


We’re coming to a close with celebrating student work.  What I love about all these poets is the range of development.  Many were accepted into the Young Americans Poetry Digest.

I have an idea for next year to teach poetry earlier in the year as a way to teach formatting with either Google Docs or Word.

My skin is like cinnamon
My eyes are like chocolate
My nails are Valentine’s colors
My heart holds weirdness
That is black as space
I live in a house and eat white chocolate

Juanita M
5th grade

Mothers Are Your best friend
Mothers sound like a caring loving mom
Mothers taste like chocolate hart
Mothers smell like fresh flowers
Mothers look like the prettiest person you will meet
Mothers feel like a soft fluffy blanket

Kaytlin T.
5th Grade

Happy Friday
Happy Poetry

6 thoughts on “National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 29/30

  1. Love that you’re sharing your students’ poems again (sorry I missed the sign-up this year!) Juanita M. is making the rounds today–she’s got a poem on Liz Steinglass’ blog too!

  2. I got my postcard, too! And I, too, am thinking about starting the year by writing poetry before we launch into our formal units of study (and coming back to poetry between each unit).

  3. Jone–I love my postcard, even though it was super creepy! Your students have clearly had an amazing month of learning. I was particularly struck by the biography poems and the way the kids put themselves in the people’s shoes to imagine their wisdom. Thanks so much for sharing their work.

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